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High Schools

When budgets tighten, it's tough to carry on the traditions that make a high school special. Here at Bub 'n Mutha's we believe that all facets of a high school education are important — whether it be sports, the arts, clubs, prom, class trips, or project graduation — we want to help.

Students can sell our delicious spice blends to folks who enjoy the flavor of grillin' and smokin' right from their kitchen. Each single container or 4-pack raises money for the school. For every container sold, we will donate $1 to the program of choice.


Scholarship Opportunities

If the school has 20 or more students enrolled in the fundraiser, we will also provide matching funds for scholarships to the top producers! These scholarships can be used in any post-secondary education or training program.  Students can use the money for books, meals, laptop, etc., to offset the cost of their continuing education.


For rules on our scholarship program, please email and we will forward everything you need to get started!


How It Works

If you want to raise money for any cause, contact us and we'll prepare a program that works for you. We will contribute a minimum of $1 per container sold and $4 per 4-pack.

For organizations that sell a minimum of 500 containers, you would receive $500 plus we will customize the label to acknowledge your organization. Additionally, we will contribute an extra $250 to your cause.

For organizations that sell a minimum of 1,000 containers, we will customize the label and add an additional $750 to your campaign.

For any organization that sells over 2,000 containers, we will customize the label and match you dollar for dollar on what was raised up to $5,000 (if you sell 5,000 containers or more), or up to a total of $10,000!!!

Contact us by email at and one of our people will help you get started.