Meat Rubbed Right

Bub 'n Mutha's is proud to use quality Maine products in our rubs! All of our rubs are 100% natural with no preservatives. And our award winning rubs use salt for flavor and not filling. Check the label of anything on the store shelves. Salt is the #1 ingredient. That means most of store bought rubs are made of salt.

Bub 'n Mutha's has salt as the #3 ingredient. This means we use it as an ingredient for enhancing flavors.  But the real benefit to our customers is that they are paying for a spice blend and not expensive salt!


We use Raye's Mustard, pure maple crystals from Maine Maple Products, and blueberry powder. The rubs are 100% natural with no preservatives. You can safely shake, cook and enjoy!

From smoking ribs to pulled pork. From barbecued chicken wings to steaks. Bub 'n Muthas Down East Dinnah Dust and Honey 'n HEAT can be used on everything from avocado toast to fried zucchini.  We are way more than simply MEAT RUBBED RIGHT. As we say in Winter Harbor, "It's the MAINE thing"

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