Take simple mayonaise add some apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and you have the makings of a typical aioli.  Now add our Redneck Aioli mix and watch the fireworks of flavor explode in everyone's mouth.  The recipe is on the back of the label and takes minutes to make.  And it's fantastic used as the dressing for your coleslaw, kicks but mixed in with yoru deviled eggs, and, if you want a high level taste of Maine, drizzle this on your next lobster roll!  Order in packs of 2.

Bub 'n Mutha's Redneck Aioli Mix


    Took 6th in a 25 team field best finish in chicken thanks to your rubs . I just need to be a little less heavy handed with the heat couple judge said to hot lol. Now onto 2022.  MATT'S BACKYARD BBQ